Strategic Thinker

Simon is an internationally respected accreditation auditor, analyst, policy adviser and strategist. 

For two decades he has worked with governments, agencies, accreditation organizations, consultancies and private businesses around the world to deliver widely-respected standards and policies.

People who work with him describe Simon as a strategic thinker who can find connections in complex situations who adopts a clear, consensual approach in order to drive positive change.

Central to his approach is an emphasis on the quality of decision-making.  His thorough, methodical style enables him to consider all options and draw on the options and expertise of others.

Simon strongly believes in the power of the private sector working with stakeholder frameworks to deliver change, and, in particular, to enable private business to prosper and thrive in a socially and environmentally respectful way.

He has a distinguished academic background, key professional qualifications, solid commercial experience and an excellent track record in delivering high-quality work.


  • University of Edinburgh, MBA, 2002 – distinction 
  • University of Oxford, MSc – Forestry and its relation to land use 1997 – distinction 
  • University of Edinburgh BSc – Ecological Science (Resource Management), 1993 – first class honours
  • University of York, Certificate in Microeconomics and Quantitative Methods, 1995

    Married with two children, he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.